Huqiu Imaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is one of the leading researcher and manufacturer of imaging equipment in China. The formal body of our company was Huqiu Photography Equipment Factory, founded in 1976. In 1996, Huqiu changed its management structure, and in 2002, we established ajoint venture to form our current company.

CSP Series Plate Stacker (formally Kodak Stacker)
CSP Series Plate Sta…
HQ-PT Series Plate Processor
HQ-PT Series Plate P…
CR system
CR system
Medical X-Ray Film Processor
Medical X-Ray Film P…
Medical Dry Imaging Film
Medical Dry Imaging …
Dry Imager
Dry Imager
Huqiu Series Self-Service Kiosk
Huqiu Series Self-Se…
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